Infographic = Journey

The infographic is a journey in itself. And, when you view the result it’s read so quickly that you go “did I just spend 15 hours on that?!” OK, more like ten hours. My infographic was another learning tool. I learned to use guides/rulers for straightening things up, and categorizing layers. I categorized my entire … Continue reading

De-Funk the Kitchen Sink

De-Funk the Kitchen Sink

Household maintenance is necessary — but how many of us regularly deep-clean our kitchen sink? Do you hear germ colonies discussing where to move next? Keep your new or old stainless steel sink clean without going to the store for a special cleaner. Just remember, when you step back to admire the sponge-kissed sink, the … Continue reading

Current Best Draft

Click and zoom for better viewing quality, With the first semi-final draft, I was attempting to get an outline of what I wanted to include. I wanted to describe the business, give Jared the credibility he deserves, and make it look nice. Overall it took probably 6-8 hours to establish a basic understanding of what … Continue reading

What is Home Journeys?

I intend to document Jared Jurina’s home transformations in Florida. By following his daily projects, readers will view before-and-after images of various rooms and projects within a home. Viewers will also get to see Jared’s landscaping, pool, and outdoor reformations. I plan to provide readers with household tips, interviews from Jared, and more. The image … Continue reading